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I LOVED mine! So many people commented. And you can change yours daily if you want, unlike the hospital white ones!

 By Hannah C

Cast Cooler
Perfect for a hip spica!

“We bought a cast cooler when our daughter went in to a hip spica following surgery to correct a dislocated hip. The cast cooler was brilliant, once my daughter believed that we weren't trying to vacuum her up! She would quickly cool down, and felt fresher, making spica life a bit more bearable.”

By Pixi
Grafitti Wrist Splint Cover

No more tangled velcro

These covers not only look cool, they also prevent the velcro on
the splint catching clothes or each other. The customer service is
perfect. Delivery was very quick.


By Elizabeth
Country Garden Short Arm Cast Cover
Exemplary service

Looking forward to a cruise in two weeks time I break my wrist! With four Formal Balls and several formal nights, how will I cover my grubby plaster cast? I discover Cover-My-Cast and place an order. I become the customer from hell as first I change my mind and then the hospital changes my plaster and the covers do not fit. I phone Bob and he arranges everything fir me. My new covers arrive the very next day and, thanks to Bob, Cinderella will go to the Ball! The covers are excellent quality and perfectly made. I would recommend without any hesitation the exemplary quality of both the covers and the service.

By Sara
Country Garden


I ordered a custom cover late Sunday night. The cover arrived Tuesday morning. My enquiry about the custom order was answered within hours. You cannot ask for better service than that. The cover is a good fit and makes my cast look funky. It's going to make such a change not tangling the Velcro straps in my hair or on my clothes. I would recommend this company to anyone with a cast or brace

By Belinda

Cast Cooler
Highly Recomended

“I used the cast cooler for my little boy who spiral fractured his femur and was in a hip spica for 4 weeks. The cast was a nightmare to look after- he was nearly 4 years old. It was an awful time. I wish i had found the cast cooler sooner. I used it every day and still have it- hoping i never need it!! It made such a difference to the comfort of my little boy. I can write more but I really do rate it highly.”

 By Margaret 

Short arm cover

Would'nt be without it, especially as plaster cast gets quite grubby due to the length of time its on. What i like most is when you're dressed up to go out, you put your cover on and feel like a little DIVA.

By Heather
Purple Stars
Great product!! Great Service!!

I purchased two cast covers. I was really happy with them. They were a talking point with everyone I met. Most people thought I coloured in a white cast with coloured markers and were very supprised when they saw me next with a different pattern on my cast. It was great to be able to change the look of my cast, it really cheered me up. The fit was also perfect. They look fantastic!! I have a synthetic cast and it was great to put the cast cover on at night, so my cast didn't scratch my good leg when sleeping. Cover my cast are fantastic people to deal with, very quick to respond and really helpfull. Thank you so much.

 By Tina

Cast Cooler
Life Saver

“Had to wear my wrist cast when I went on holiday to a hot country. CastCooler saved my life, it really worked. Also my various coloured cast covers went down really well with everyone. Brilliant”

By Mandy
Black Crushed Velvet


Bought this and the stars one and they are great !! They fit snugly to the cast and look great. The one thing I found before was that my pot ruined knitted garments but with these covers there is no snagging ! Definitely recommend these covers they are fab!!

By Mandy
Purple Stars


This year when I knew I was having to be potted again I was ready !! First job after the op was order a couple of these fab covers and wow what a difference they make ! I have got this fun one and a plain 1 for my grown up days. They fit nicely to the pot and not bulky at all, the quality is great, I definitely recommend them.

By  Lauralou


I was looking for a cover for my wrist brace as the velcro straps were ruining my clothes. I bought it in Size 1 and this is perfect for my small/medium brace. I have to wear my brace for 3 months and this cover will make it so much easier!!

By Salli

Causes a riot in the playground!

When my daughter broke her arm and wore this to school, most of the class wanted a broken arm too!! Connie had been so fed up with her cast this brought a big smile to her face! The service from Marion and Bob was fantastic and way beyond your average Internet company! Thanks so much!

By Connie
Emerald Flash

Emerald flash

Thanks for a fabulous cover! It was colourful and comfortable and concealed Connie's ugly cast for her year 6 prom!! It complimented the prom dress perfectly! Thank you Marion and Bob!

By Sue
Flower Power

Cast cover

This was great,it washed well,dried quickly,and really became a talking point when I was out.The cover stops the cast getting dirty,and is easy to put on and off ,I tucked the elbow end over the cast to stop it irritating where the cast rubbed.I recommend these to any one,who wants to cover an unsightly or grubby cast .

By Maria
My 5 year old son Leo

Top Marks! We were staying with grandparents in Devon when my son broke his right arm. When we came back from the hospital I immediately started looking for something he could wear to keep it clean at school. I found Cover My Cast and called and spoke to Bob and Marion and they provided me with first class service. We happened to be in the same place at the same time that day (Plymouth Aquarium) and my cover was personally delivered to my son the same day! Its a great idea, it goes on easily and does a perfect job. Thank you so much, I would recommend to anyone. I'm just pleased I can keep my son's cast clean! Thank you Both very much for excellent service.

By Naomi Elliott
Cast Cooler
Great when it's hot

This is great when it's hot or once you've had a the plaster cast on for several weeks and it's inching like mad. You can look forward to going home and connecting yourself up to the vacuum cleaner

By Malcolm
Cast Cooler
Cast Cooler Wow

After days and days of sleepness nights I finally got my cast cooler through the post. Strapped it on, connected it up, (you may look a little odd) but the feeling was instant. Nice cold air being sucked around my cast. Stopped itching, felt fresh and made my time in a cast so much easier. Highly recommended.

By Sylvia 
Country Garden
Excellent Service

I have bought 2 covers for my broken wrist and may be getting a third. I am delighted with them, they are so much tidier than a plaster cast. Thank you for speedy service.

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