March 2016  
 Plymouth company saves the day for bride who broke both wrists in twerking accident

Elin Russell-Hughes fractured both wrists just days before her planned wedding in New York City.

"Every girl dreams about their perfect wedding day and I was 10 days away from mine," Elin said.

"Me and my fiancé were eloping to New York to get married at City Hall - no fuss, just the two of us.

Ryan Brenizer Photography.

"My family and friends weren't about to let me go quietly and threw me a hen weekend to remember. On the first night I had a twerking accident which resulted in me breaking both my wrists.

"After a good cry over a bottle of gin, and the initial panic that I wouldn't be able to fly, I decided that a couple of broken bones weren't going to stop me."
At A&E Elin picked out light blue plaster which she anticipated would be split before her flight to allow her arms to swell and could then be changed to bridal white. But Elin's consultant decided that her initial swelling had reduced enough that she could wear the blue casts for her flight and the realisation slowly dawned on Elin that she was stuck with the colour for her big day.

Ryan Brenizer Photography.

"At this point I started having a meltdown. I'm very fashion conscious and realised that everything I'd bought either didn't fit the casts or didn't go with blue," Elin said.
The fashion-conscious bride, from Wales, thought her big day would be ruined but award winning business Cover My Cast, based in Whitleigh, quickly came to her rescue.
The company provides covers for casts in various designs, colours and sizes and were able to provide Elin with a choice of black, white and nude covers to wear on the day.

Ryan Brenizer Photography.

"I searched the Internet and found the Cover my Cast website," Elin said.
"Initially I ordered black covers, which would go with most stuff, and decided on nude ones for my wedding dress.
"The next day I'd changed my mind (as we women do) and decided the white covers would go better with my dress so I emailed Cover My Cast owners Marion and Bob Bignell to ask if I could change the order and explained my predicament.
"The response I got was fantastic; they not only sent me the black and white covers but they also sent me the nude ones as a gift so that I'd have the best options to choose from on the day. They even left the labels out so that nothing would show through plus they arrived the next day. For the first time since the accident I felt really happy and confident, the excitement about getting married returned."

Lucy Davies

Marion said, "We were delighted to help Elin out so she could enjoy her special day."
Whitleigh couple Bob and Marion got the idea for the business after Marion fell over and ended up in hospital.
She said: "I was waiting in the emergency unit wondering what different colour casts they would offer me. When I found out they could only offer me standard colours, I asked for white.
"I like to co-ordinate my clothes with jewellery and tights so I started thinking about the different fabrics I could use to cover my cast and match it to my outfit."

 February 2016
Plymouth business collect prestigious award from Dragon's Den star


Plymouth business Cover My Cast were delighted to meet Dragon's Den star Theo Paphitis at the annual Small Business Sunday event in Birmingham recently.

 Small Business Sunday, more commonly referred to as #SBS, was set up by the Dragon's Den investor, and Chairman of Ryman Stationary, to reward promising small businesses by providing them with a vast platform to showcase themselves. The competition which showcases six businesses each week, and is run via Twitter, sees Theo 'retweet' the winner's business summaries to his 450,000 followers, which instantly brought huge attention to the lucky local business, who won in 2010.

 Since winning, Cover My Cast were also welcomed in to the #SBS community, which includes an exclusive website set up for winners to showcase their products and services, as well as exclusive offers and opportunities, including the annual networking event.

 The event, which takes place at Birmingham's ICC, sees small businesses from all over the country attending for networking, inspirational talks, and a chance to collect their certificate from Theo himself.

 Bob and Marion Bignell were thrilled to finally make the event this year, and are now celebrating in the increased attention and interaction it has brought to their work. Having begun when co-founder Marion broke her wrist, Cover My Cast was born from her desire to look fashionable whilst her break was on the mend, and realising that others would want the same for their own casts.

 “We want more people to know that if they break they don't have to put up with a plain or rough cast.”

 The colourful casts which range from floral designs to leopard print, and beyond, have been attracting a lot of attention and praise. Marion made sure to wear her favourite black crushed velvet cast to the event, catching Theo's eye straight away when she shot her arm up during the event's question and answer session.

 With their #SBS award in the bag, Bob and Marion are excited to see where Cover My Cast will go next, with the hopes to sell more of their creative casts and plans to sell their products in Europe. Being acknowledged and supported by the Dragon's Den star has set the pair up for a whirlwind ride.


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