Scaphoid Thumb Extension
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Does your cast look like these?

          Have you broken your Scaphoid bone?  
You'll need one of our clever little extension pieces to cover up that thumb & keep the plaster clean. It goes on first under your cast cover ( see pics 2 & 3) order the same size as your cast cover.
Brand: Kuvrs
Product Code: SCE
Product Condition: New
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Sarah - 04/05/2016 4/5
I bought this piece as I have a scaphoid fracture so my thumb is partially in cast. It certainly does the job, alongside the regular cast cover, of protecting my full cast and making it look pretty! The only downside to this is that it is a little awkward to put on. I found it tricky to get it to lie flat in the right places and it kept coming 'untucked' from the edges of the main cover. It may have been easier if I hadn't got my dominant arm in cast though! I was actually sent a larger size than I ordered (they thought my cast looked too big at the thumb for a medium) and it turned out to be too big. However, it was easy enough to adjust it with a few folds here and there. This is definitely an essential if you've got a scaphoid cast as you'd look a bit odd with your thumb in regular cast sticking out from your beautiful cast cover. It works very well to keep everything clean and tidy.
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