Flower Power Short Arm Cover
£14.95 inc. tax
A stretch, washable cover for your cast that will  save your clothing & furniture from damage.
WARNING! there's a risk you could save more than the cost of the cast cover, making it "cost neutral"!
Oh, and you'll look great too!

Brand: Kuvrs
Product Code: SAC FP
Product Condition: New
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Sarah - 04/05/2016 5/5
This was one of two covers I bought after breaking my wrist (scaphoid). I adore the bright colours and bold pattern of this one. It's been a real conversation starter with people admiring it at the bus stop, in the supermarket, in church... It's also great for when I'm having that inevitable conversation that begins "So what have you been doing?" and requires the story of how I broke my wrist. The fact that my cast actually looks pretty cool stops a lot of those "poor you" comments in favour of compliments on the cast cover. Much better in my opinion! On top of the appearance of it, it makes me so much more confident when getting dressed. I was worried in particular about the insides of my sleeves, particularly with knitted items, as I feared the rough cast would damage the fabric or pull a hole in wool. With the cover on, I can get dressed without concern as it's just like putting a jumper over a T-shirt etc. The clothing slides over the cover with ease. Definitely a good buy and I'm almost be sad when it's time for the cast to come off and I can't wear my cover any more...almost!
Sue - 12/10/2011 5/5
This was great,it washed well,dried quickly,and really became a talking point when I was out.The cover stops the cast getting dirty,and is easy to put on and off ,I tucked the elbow end over the cast to stop it irritating where the cast rubbed.I recommend these to any one,who wants to cover an unsightly or grubby cast .
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