Cast Cooler
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How The CastCooler benefits you.

With the CastCooler you can have a cast that is:

> Completely free of itch

> Dry and comfortable

> Fresh and Clean! (no more stinky smell)

By keeping your cast lining free from moisture, especially moisture from perspiration, the conditions for bacteria growth are removed. Your cast stays clean and fresh. Itch and odour are not issues because you are removing the root cause of each...moisture. 

Imagine what it will be Like to have relief from itching and not have to worry about subjecting others to the smell from your cast.

PLEASE NOTE: the CastCooler will not work with Plaster of Paris or no porous casts.

How The CastCooler works & how to use it.
Brand: Kuvrs
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Product Condition: New
Customer Reviews
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Andrea Griffiths - 09/02/2017 5/5
Ordered this after 16 weeks of torture in cast after seeing it advertised at fracture clinic and on news of at least another 8 weeks in the cast. So easy to ordered arrived in less than 48 hours and ..... it's amazing, it actually works no itching!!! It's going to make the next 2 months a lot more comfortable - delighted
Rachel V - 16/09/2016 5/5
Bought this for myself as recently broke my ankle. Everyone warned me about how the ITCH - I thought I'll get through this, but after a sleepless night decided to google & came across Kuvrs. What can I say - I can't put into words the feeling of the instant relief. It's a simple but brilliant product & quick delivery too. Well worth the money. Thank you Kuvrs :)
Cassie Atkinson - 08/10/2013 5/5
We purchased the cast cooler and not only were the support team (Bob I think) very accommodating with organising fast delivery but the product works a treat! It appears (fingers crossed) we have a dry cast so that tape will stick to it around the nappy area. We have a 4 yr old in a hip spica cast. Hopefully no more smelly cast or leaks! Many thanks
Hannah C - 23/03/2013 5/5
We bought a cast cooler when our daughter went in to a hip spica following surgery to correct a dislocated hip. The cast cooler was brilliant, once my daughter believed that we weren't trying to vacuum her up! She would quickly cool down, and felt fresher, making spica life a bit more bearable.
Belinda - 13/03/2013 5/5
I used the cast cooler for my little boy who spiral fractured his femur and was in a hip spica for 4 weeks. The cast was a nightmare to look after- he was nearly 4 years old. It was an awful time. I wish i had found the cast cooler sooner. I used it every day and still have it- hoping i never need it!! It made such a difference to the comfort of my little boy. I can write more but I really do rate it highly.
TinA cHAPRONIERE - 13/03/2013 5/5
Had to wear my wrist caste when I went on holiday to a hot country. Caste cooler saved my life it really worked. Also my various coloured caste covers went down really well with everyone. Brilliant
Naomi Elliott - 15/05/2011 5/5
This is great when it's hot or once you've had a the plaster cast on for several weeks and it's inching like mad. You can look forward to going home and connecting yourself up to the vacuum cleaning
Malcolm - 25/04/2011 5/5
After days and days of sleepness nights I finally got my cast cooler through the post. Strapped it on, connected it up, (you may look a little odd) but the feeling was instant. Nice cold air being sucked around my cast. Stopped itching, felt fresh and made my time in a cast so much easier. Highly recommended.
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